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Mary Poppins poppinsdear at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 06:17:09 CEST 2009


La Compil' Pirate Vol.2 After a successful first instalment, the french
Parti Pirate proudly presents this second chapter of our Pirate Compilation

This year, no less than 19 artists have joined us, bringing along their
different styles: rock, pop, electro, jazz, bossa, folk... an impressive
diversity, and a confirmed quality.

All of these musicians have chosen, like thousands all over the world, to
offer their works as freely accessible to the public. A remarkable choice in
our times where citizens who contribute to propagate culture and knowledge
are commonly referred to as "pirates".

This Pirate Compilation is freely downloadable on our website, in various
audio formats, alongside with a French/English booklet where you can find
the websites of each artist, and thereby download or buy their own records.

Through this initiative, we're very proud to contribute to the Free cultural
life that our world, and our democracies, deserve and need. Happy listening!

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