[pp.int.general] Free french Compil' Pirate Vol.2 online

Ole Husgaard pirat at sparre.dk
Thu Apr 9 16:28:06 CEST 2009

Rick Falkvinge (Piratpartiet) skrev:
> I'm just curious -- why did we read about the defeat of the HADOPI law
> in Swedish media, and not hear it from you?

The swedish media seems to have been very quick on reporting about the
vote from earlier today.

Other sources I use to get information on HADOPI, like Monica Hortons
IPtegrity blog (http://www.iptegrity.com/) and La Quadrature Du Net
(http://www.squaringthenet.org/en), had not yet reported about it when I
checked a few hours ago. They have now.

Best Regards,

Ole Husgaard.

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