[pp.int.general] Next PPI Conference in Brussels!

coretx coretx at piratenpartij.nl
Sun Aug 2 17:33:06 CEST 2009

Dear PPI members,

Some of us have foreseen Andrew stepping down from his function as PPI  
Many sound, and sometimes even emotional arguments have been adressed.

During the past weeks i have talked with key PPI members, and with the  
chairman of the newfound Belgian Pirate Party.

We propose to organize a next PPI conference at Brussels.

The key item should be creating a firm organization/foundation out of  
For example, PPI could have been subsidized for years.
In theorie Andrew his former job could have been a fulltime payed job.

PPI could have maintained a list with press contacts for all  
affiliated pirate party's.
PPI could have helped out on translations.
Etc. Etc. Etc.

If your party is willing to participate in organizing, please send a  
email towards PPI at piratenpartij.nl
This can be written in Dutch, English or French.
Yes, that includes french. Half of Belgium's native language.
Maybe PIRATA would like to join a PPI organisaional team for  
translations and add Spanish to it ?
IIt would be nice if the next conference is to be held in 3 languages.  
( Not only English & French )

Now let's stop inventing the wheel over an over again, and start some  
teamwork !

Samir Allioui
Chairman Pirate Party of the Netherlands.

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