[pp.int.general] Let us organize a study session!

moira brülisauer moosline at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 17:48:01 CEST 2009

Why Brussel? why not Geneva? 

Or if you talc with the CCC perhaps we can do things like that paralell or before/after the 26th Chaos Communication Congress. It's in december in Berlin.

Think about that

Moira Brülisauer
Aktuarin der PPs Paritparty of Switzerland

2009/8/3 Raquero <enrique at errea.es>


                From PIRATA (Spanish pirate party) are too agree to set a date for a meeting
in Brussels, theoretically. Personally, it suits to me really fine in a
accomodation way of talking. PIRATA are also agree to  settle some basic
pillars and common points of view regarding who (the PPI movement) are
(aregointobe )we, where we heading for, and which are the goals in a short or
medium term. Apart this, we would like to know or clarifify about the meaning
of " PPI key members contacted for". May be are "de facto" elegible key
members stablished ?

                Someone mentioned too that if required, some translations could be made
apart to the English or French lenguages. PIRATA can manage this task, also,
and add the Spanish as another option/lenguage to be read or used for.

                Warm regards.

                Enrique Errea. (ninHer)
                II.RR. Coordinator of PIRATA. (Spanish Pirate Party)
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Moira Brülisauer
Ferme Cesay
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