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Mon Aug 3 20:01:16 CEST 2009

Partidul Piratilor (Pirate Party from Romania) agrees with the ideea of a
general meeting. Also, we see little importance whether is to be held in
Brussels, Berlin or Geneva but we do feel that any invitation of "key"
people should be made about the sepakers not the participants to the
meeting. If a meeting is by invitation only, by all means hold as many
meetings as you desire, but do not expect that any declaration or ideas that
you formulate in a closed circle will be adopted by all PP's. Let's not
begin a true international cooperation with such petty things. Only by
opening the doors to all PP's the international movement could have a life
of it's own and will have the respect it should have. In a certain way, PPI
resembles United Nations or maybe its predecessor the League of Nations.
Let's not become the shadow of what could have been. UN has stood for 50
years before becoming obsolete. Let us build something that will last for 50
years, and then ....

Anyway, we will gladly contribute with our ideeas and presence to any
meeting open for all PP's. For those trying to organise such thing, just
remember to check PPI wikipedia page, site and the forum. There are many
organizations registered or about to be registered.The force of PP ideas
comes from the fact that they are the answers to global problems. The force
of PPI will come from global cooperation

Partidul Piratilor.
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