[pp.int.general] Our ideology

Reinier Bakels r.bakels at planet.nl
Mon Aug 3 15:26:41 CEST 2009

>I get the feeling that the ideology discussions here during the latest 
>weeks or so are implying that a centralized state should axiomatically 
>exist, and the issue is how this state should be steered - hence all 
>discussions about left and right, socialism vs liberalism (that also takes 
>the centralized state for granted) etc.
> As a pirate, I am not sure if I want a state at all. But if I want a 
> state, can this state be operating in a completely different fashion? For 
> example, if the today's centralized state is operating like an engine, can 
> a future state work like a (TCP/IP) network? A state type that cannot be 
> central controlled, and does not stop to work just because a part of it 
> does not work? (compare with today's "engine" type of state where all 
> components needs to work in harmony). Also, a network of states that also 
> tolerates the "ad hoc" creation of new states.
> In short: I would like the discussions to be about how a distributed 
> networking state can be designed, rather than how the existing centralized 
> state(s) should be steered.

I thought that the Pirate Party objective is to strive for a proper 
information policy in the information age, like socialism emerged with the 
advent of the industrialisation. Current information policy is by and large 
based on  a 19th century "property" paradigm, which would have all but 
disappeared if there would not be so many people who make a lot of money 
from the "legalised extortion"it allows.

And I thought that the PP would primarily exploit the present democratic 
system. To my surprise, there is a group of "fundi's" inside the PP movement 
who studies state reform. I would urge you to study the philosophy, history, 
political theory and law of the "state" concept first. I am not an expert in 
that field but I do know that there are many wheels in this field that have 
been invented before.

In my perception, it is a priority to work on public and political awareness 
of some very straightforward problems of today. The core of the problem is 
obscurity nad the solution is communication. The problem is the massive 
pro-copyright and pro-patent lobby, period. And I noted that leading pirate 
(Rick, Christian, Amelia) share this view.

Please start another movement if you are interested in reforming the 


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