[pp.int.general] Proposal

Patrick Maechler v/o Valio pirate at valio.ch
Sun Aug 2 22:49:15 CEST 2009

Obviously Thunderbird dislikes me today. I wasn't finished with that
mail yet :)

1. I wanted to send that mail from this account
2. I wanted to mention that coretx supports this. Also Jurgen is ok with
that, if I can really take it.


Patrick Maechler v/o Valio wrote:
> I would like to propose for Andrews position here - PPI Cooordinator -
> for the time beeing
> I don't want to sound arrogant. I don't assume I can grasp this task
> yet. I'm an idealistic guy from Switzerland and I feel the urge for an
> international coordination. Our goals are ultimately on a global level:
> We have to tackle international contracts, we want to change the world
> into something which suits better the informational age. It is of utmost
> importance that we - as parties together - find a common understanding.
> I don't assume that I would work on things the exact way as Andrew did.
> What I'd like to install is something sustainable. Taking over Andrews
> job, doing it for some time, stopping when I burned out and seeing that
> the succession is uncertain is the least I want to reach.
> My vision is to have a co-presidency (2 people) within a core team of
> 5-10 people; not a single "presidency".
> Furthermore a national delegate in each country that has an established
> party, which is will be a contact person for the core team. This person
> does not have to be in the board of directors but it should be in close
> contact with them.
> Tell me what you think. I already told you: I'm an idealist ;)
> cheers
> Patrick

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