[pp.int.general] Next PPI Conference in Brussels!

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Tue Aug 4 11:00:53 CEST 2009

Am Dienstag 04 August 2009 09:54:51 schrieb Jurgen:
> Indeed Moira. I think it'd be interesting to be there from a
> communications/PR point of view. But I'm wondering, did you receive a time
> slot or time slots to talk at the CCC @ Berlin? Or can you get it/them? Who
> would do the talk? What about our German friends ? Can you check with them
> to see if they didn't already plan something with/for the CCC? Knowing the
> German efficiency I'd not be amazed dicovering they're already on it.
> I don't have any contacts with PP-DE and I don't master German language (a
> pity, a shame, I'll burnt in hell...), would you mind checking all of this
> and let us know ? This would be of very much appreciated help and allow us
> to clear the org clouds. :)
As far as I know we already tried earlier to get slots and so on at the CCC 
but since the CCC people are really concerned with their political neutrality 
we weren't able to establish an official cooperation. Last year some pirates 
from Berlin boarded the stage and handed a beer barel to the opentracker 
developers during a talk to comply with the beerware license but that was 
everything that we were able to do at the Chaos Congresses. But we are of 
course always in contact with some CCC members and some even joined us 
recently so if you want to try it again we could ask them.


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