[pp.int.general] PPI congress - meeting

JaRrr jarrr at pirateparty.be
Wed Aug 5 11:29:58 CEST 2009

>> - online collaborative (closed?) (centralised?) workspace(s). This would
>> allow teams to work on projects. This would avoid the Uppsala glitch.
>> - a online meeting room system. voice, video, whiteboard (etc) features. 
>> This would enable everyone to attend (work) meetings.
>> Does the PPI has access to this type of infrastructure at this very time?
> Thanks for the support. I think one element is still missing: you need 
> active workgroup leaders. Providing the tools is not enough. It is easy to 
> debate forever. We are all proficient in producing words. Providing facts 
> is more effort. Someone should sit down and prepare e.g. "position 
> statements". If one disagrees, that is information too.

Sure. Any idea of what the active headcount is at the PPI ? With how many 
are we on the deck ?
(with active I mean people who beside talking also work, really involved 

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