[pp.int.general] Immediate action required!

"Robbie E. C. A. Hontelé" Robbie.e.c.a.hontele at piratenpartij.nl
Thu Aug 20 21:40:38 CEST 2009

Wim Liebrand doesn't understand that pirates want no more than 

Bas Cordewener(an employee @ surf) knows of this subject. Refer to him 
in your contacts.

Liebrand should consult more sources before writing articles and 
columns. Sure he can write down his opinion and state that he does not 
like us, but he can't go out and say that we are criminals.

I suggest contact to be made by an older pirate, as I do not think that 
anyone below 35 will be able to convince him.



Patrick Maechler v/o Valio schreef:
> Philip Hunt wrote:
>> 2009/8/20 Jurgen <jurgen at zeo.be>:
>>> Pressuring in making him remove his text ... erm ... well ...
>> Silly. He's entitled to his opinion, even if we think it's misguided
> This is spreading libel; it surely does not sound like presenting an
> opinion (sth like "I/we believe that...").
> He presents it as a fact that all pirate party members do copyright
> infringement.
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