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I strongly believe we have the resources to do both. There is no need to
woryr about "focusing on wrong things" here.

2009/12/7 Rackham <denis.germain at partipirate.org>

> Le 6 déc. 09 à 23:24, Patrick Mächler a écrit :
>  Please keep all of your energies for acting against ACTA!
>> There might be internal struggles which need to be carried out, but it
>> would be an exceptionally bad idea to focus on them in times like
>> these.
>> Please write blog posts, organize demonstrations and educate people
>> about ACTA instead.
> Thanks for recalling us our common threats, but to recenter on ACTA won't
> make the transparency/communication/accountability issue(s) less important.
> These are still required_and_mandatory. How can we all mobilize against ACTA
> if we are not even able to work together at the required levels inside the
> PP?
> I don't want to finger-wag people nor to finger-point them and I don't, I
> don't know who is to blame and if someone is to blame, I can only see things
> _have_ to be ironed out, and maybe it's time for phones to ring at last.
> Salutations pirates =F)
> Denis
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