[pp.int.general] weekend communication from Helsinki (jabber of the pirates 2 - dead men's protocols)

Carlos Ayala Vargas aiarakoa at yahoo.es
Tue Feb 3 14:00:15 CET 2009

Hans Häggström wrote:
> Afterwards there was some more general discussion on the role of the PPI.  The consensus seemed to be that it's a place to exchange experiences, ask and give support, and find people to work on common projects on a voluntary basis - but it can not have any formal power over the national parties.
Just to clarify: sovereignty of each pirate party -in their national 
scope- was never discussed, at least from my part.

What I asked, what was in the Helsinki order of issues to be dealt with, 
was to constitute a joint, formal organization for the international 
scope -i.e., for things to be done together, in forums like European 
Parliament, WIPO, United Nations, World Trade Organization, etc-; that 
was the thing which was denied last Saturday in Helsinki.

And as you say, it was majoritarily decided (to my regret) to rather 
choose PPI to be merely a place to exchange experiences and find people 
to work on common projects on a voluntary basis -furthermore, with no 
expectations on overall cooperation (with overall, I mean from most 
parties; one probably can expect just cooperation with at most few 
parties, namely 2-3, for most projects), specially until EU Election ... 
and even after that, as after next summer, national elections will 
start, and national parties explicitly declared in Helsinki their will 
to focus on their domestic issues-.

While I was unable to record the whole Conference, the certainty of what 
I say can be checked in the audio tracks I linked a few minutes ago. Regards

                     Carlos Ayala
                     ( Aiarakoa )

Partido Pirata National Board's Chairman

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