[pp.int.general] Significance of use of Free and proprietary software in a political context

Carlos Ayala Vargas aiarakoa at yahoo.es
Tue Feb 3 14:17:49 CET 2009

Per von Zweigbergk wrote:
> True, but I happen not to believe that proprietary software equals 
> subjugation, and it is not the policy as far as I'm aware of any 
> pirate party. It is as far as I'm aware definitely *not* the position 
> of the Swedish Pirate Party.
Just to clarify: while indeed it's not a joint stance for all pirate 
parties, and that was the reason for the appeal to the usage of free 
software to be removed from Pirate Manifesto drafts


it still is the policy of Partido Pirata (for the public scope; for the 
private scope, each private entity and each individual is free to decide 
which kind of software wants to use) to aim to make public offices use 
free software, because of interoperability, privacy & other reasons


As you said "/as far as I'm aware of/", I thought you might find useful 
to know that about PIRATA stances; furthermore, I think nobody needs to 
guess each party's stances, but just to check that wiki page -and in 
case of doubt, asking that party's representative-. Regards,

Carlos Ayala
( Aiarakoa )

Partido Pirata National Board's Chairman

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