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Dear all, dear Robert,
attached a simple tutorial about data mining in ESPACENET. This is an
amaaaaaaazing database with documents of the last 150 years in all
languages...It also contents documents with the inventions we´ll see
implemented in products (ipods, vistas, cars, fuelcells) maybe in 5/10/20
years, or products/ideas we will never access, since, like Einsteins fridge,
companies buy them in order to protect their own crap. Connectivity problems
are not unusual. So please use the connection to the server and let it free
in order to keep bandwidth free.
See you out there!

2009/7/3 gabriel luis <g.luisfranchy at gmail.com>

> Dear pirates and piratresses,
> please take a time to read the document in the attachment. Do not hesitate
> contacting me if you are seeking for new insights in the european and
> international patent system. I have put it together in English from my
> future diploma-thesis written in german...
> I think I have put enough knowledge together in the last years to be able
> to help us pirates to radically improve the patent system making patents
> stronger and more accesible to individuals and SMEs. I agree partially with
> some assertions of Mr. Pothelsbergue, but few of them are really bullshit,
> and lack a modern approach to information democracy. Approaching system´s
> improvements from a strict economic-neoliberal point of view is not the
> solution, furthermore it is at the root of the problem.
> I´m seeking for webmasters to put up open access XML:tm files containing
> patent documentation in various languages in an online plattform...Check
> pubpat.org as reference project. Patterm.org tries to be the european
> answer to this impressive effort of the USA open source community, but I
> haven´t enough knowledge of websites to put them up. The domain
> patterm.org .es and .de are already ours.
> Let´s put the truth together
> Lass uns Wahrheit zusammenbauen
> Vamos a construir la verdad
> Gabriel Luis
> Patterm.org
> 2009/7/2 Amelia Andersdotter <teirdes at gmail.com>
> 2009/6/28 Reinier Bakels <r.bakels at planet.nl>:
>> >> Fair use, or as in Europe, exceptions and limitations in copyright, is
>> >> something most people, even our opponents, can't be against. It's the
>> >> perfect starting point for breaking the dogma of copyright never being
>> >> able to be weakened. Because who could be against the visually
>> >> impaired getting books more easily?
>> >>
>> >> I think it's wrong if we look at copyright as a problem only from the
>> >> file-sharing perspective. Copyright legislation today is a labyrinth
>> >> of problems, layer upon layer of ridiculousness. We need to identify
>> >> problems and create solutions for each of those problems. Exceptions
>> >> and limitations also.
>> >
>> > I think it is *very* modest to focus on "exceptions and limitations".
>> This
>> > is more a passtime for *lawyers*, see e.g.
>> >
>> http://www.ip.mpg.de/ww/de/pub/aktuelles/declaration_on_the_three_step_.cfm
>> > (judge yourself whether you are impressed by those proposals).
>> i agree with you. exceptions and limitations can't be an end-goal. but
>> the way i see it, the copyright system will not be completely reformed
>> in six months, so for the coming six months we'll need to have a
>> realistic achievement to aspire to.
>> what i mean is, we need to identify steps that can be taken reasonably
>> fast. it's no good being in opposition against *worse* laws all the
>> time, we need to aspire for a *positive* change.
>> i suppose we could do that by advocating a revolution, rather than a
>> gradual reform, though.
>> --
>> Amelia Andersdotter
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>> www.ameliatillbryssel.se
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