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0.5% = 500 million signatures? It sounds like a typo considering there is
less then 200 million people in Brazil, perhaps you meant to say 500

On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 2:16 AM, Rodrigo Pereira <rodripe at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> In Brazil, we have the law "9096" of 1995 thats control the creation and
> functioning of political parties. By the law, we have this steps to a
> political party creation:
> 1) One fundation meeting with 101 or more people of 1/3 of brazilian states
> (1/3 of 26 states = 8 states); The acta of meeting is registered on TSE
> (Superior Electoral Court) with a statute that regulates the functioning of
> party and a program that define its politics. The status is written: What is
> the party b)  How it works. Parties in Brazil register two main documents:
> the party program and the statute. Here we have a relative freedom to write
> a statute and a program only ensuring that it complies with the
> constitution. I think is possible register other documents like a
> declaration of principles in TSE too. The party needs a address in the
> capital of Brazil: Brasilia.
> 2) In this point, the party is registered, but not completely. It starts a
> "Support Campaign" that pick signatures of minimum number of 0.5% the
> previous election for the Chamber of Deputies. Now its is about 500 mil
> signatures. The signatures are on paper, you can not use electronic
> signatures.
> 3) The signatures have submited to TSE to confirmation. The TSE issue a
> certificate that allows the party participate in the elections and have
> space on radio and tv, and receive a share of the party fund. The party is
> completely registered and participate in the elections.
> Best regards,
> The Brazilian Pirate Party
> 2009/7/5 Andrew Norton <andrew.norton at pirate-party.us>
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>> I'm about to start on another of my 'projects' which will take a while,
>> but hopefully be of some use (especially for the US). I'm going to be
>> looking at democracy. I'd like a little bit of help with the research,
>> in that I want personal and local insights.
>> I would like to know your countries requirements for qualifying as a
>> political party. I would also like to know the personal experiences of
>> those that have tried to set up parties and the level of interaction.
>> Were the bodies helpful, did they needlessly quibble on the most minor
>> points, were they unhelpful in general? Basically how hard did the
>> groups responsible work to facilitate democracy by enabling the
>> establishment of political parties.
>> Some of you have talked to me of your experiances in the past few years,
>> and that's part of the motivation for this. However, I would like to
>> have all the information together. So, even if you've talked to me about
>> this in th recent past, having it again, concisely would be much
>> appreciated, as it cuts down on the muddle.
>> You can either send to the list, or direct to me (at ktetch at gmail.com)
>> Yours
>> Andrew
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