[pp.int.general] Contingency plans (Was: Re: Invitation to connect on LinkedIn)

Ole Husgaard pirat at sparre.dk
Wed Jul 8 02:47:43 CEST 2009

coretx skrev:
> I found out that Piratpartiet (Zweden) is the only pirate party before
> me, who is active @ Linked-in.
> It's always good to have fallbacks. Besides, why not use each other's
> networks ?
> Just imagine, that the ppi mailserver goes down, how are you goint to
> contact all PPI members ?
You have a good and very important point here. We really should consider
fallbacks. Things can fail for a multitude of reasons. This list. The
PPI website. National Pirate Party Websites.

When we decided to buy our own host for PP.dk, it was not just for
ourself. It was also because we saw the need for trusted hosting and
another opportunity for national Pirate Parties as a backup if their
primary hosting could no longer host.

But an extra host is not always enough. Backups are always needed, or a
transfer to another host will not be possible. But backups are not
always enough. Contingency plans do not have to be limited to fallback
hosts, and they should not be public, as that may make it too easy for
our enemies.

If any of you want to discuss how to keep either PPI or your own
national PP running, even if some bad guys try to shut it down, please
send me a private mail. I think measures have to be kept at least
somewhat secret to ensure that those who want bad for us do not know.

Best regards,

Ole Husgaard.

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