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2009/7/10 Reinier Bakels <r.bakels at maastrichtuniversity.nl>:
>> Why we are in the PP, what we hiso aside other options?
>> which arises mainly in the beginning of the version 3.0 of the
>> principles PIRATAS
>> is what we meet / call
> The last half of last year there was a vigurous debate on PPI principles
> (and "Manifesto's"). Attached is a couter proposal I presented at the
> Helsinki conference early February, after consultation with Samir Allioui,
> acting chairman of PP/NL. At the meeting, I found that PP leaders such as
> Rick Falckvinge, Christian Engström and Jens Seipenbusch don't consider a
> manifesto or a statement of principles a priority, to say the least.
> The outrageous copyright and patent lobby needs immediate answers, no
> philosophies.
> reinier

and response, based on that we?
based on anger, "based on not wanting to feel deprived of our freedom?
to decide on the basis that it is political philosophy, just keep
talking about ideas is what we must do,

there is a philosophical framework, which was discussed last semester,
the new pirate should read, and then take action to curb attempts to
achieve monopoly kidnapped our freedom.

(i apology for my english,  is made in google translator)

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