[pp.int.general] A PPI Announcement

Reinier Bakels r.bakels at maastrichtuniversity.nl
Fri Jul 10 18:25:13 CEST 2009

> Why we are in the PP, what we hiso aside other options?
> which arises mainly in the beginning of the version 3.0 of the
> principles PIRATAS
> is what we meet / call

The last half of last year there was a vigurous debate on PPI principles 
(and "Manifesto's"). Attached is a couter proposal I presented at the 
Helsinki conference early February, after consultation with Samir Allioui, 
acting chairman of PP/NL. At the meeting, I found that PP leaders such as 
Rick Falckvinge, Christian Engström and Jens Seipenbusch don't consider a 
manifesto or a statement of principles a priority, to say the least.

The outrageous copyright and patent lobby needs immediate answers, no 

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