[pp.int.general] Rather Off-Topic: European Universities

Raquero enrique at errea.es
Sat Jul 11 12:01:43 CEST 2009


		In Spain the degrees are offered, as normal, in spanish lenguaje. May be you 
can find some universities speciallized on teaching in a foreign lenguage as 
english - i don't know about this option- but the rule is the spanish in 


On Saturday 11 July 2009 11:04:14 Kai Mast wrote:
> Am Freitag, den 10.07.2009, 21:14 +0300 schrieb Joonas Mäkinen:
> > I believe most universities offer teaching in English.
> >
> > But on behalf of Finland I can say that, at least.
> >
> > Welcome to the University of Helsinki. :)
> I was told that this is the fact in most of Scandinavia. Thank you for
> your help.
> But I wasn't sure if other university in lets say Spain or the
> Netherlands offer teaching in English.

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