[pp.int.general] A PPI wiki (Was: Re: A PPI Announcement)

Ole Husgaard pirat at sparre.dk
Sun Jul 12 14:22:39 CEST 2009

Mikko Särelä skrev:
> May I suggest that we need a wiki. Of all the tools I have used in my 
> life, the only one really successful for international coordination, has 
> been wiki (well, aside from cvs like versioning system which probably 
> isn't the right tool for us). 
> I noticed that the international pirate party page does not contain a wiki 
> link. (I also noticed that there was a mention somewhere to a wiki that 
> does not respond).

I agree that we need a wiki dedicated to PPI. In the past we have used
various national PP wikis ad-hoc for work that needed a wiki.

Besides political arguments and other texts this could also contain
pointers to:
- Software and other tools that national PPs make available. Most of it
is already on the net, but hard to find due to language barriers.
- Updated (because everybody can simply update - without having to wait
two months to get access, like Andrew had) lists of forming or formed
national PPs, with contact persons.
- Contact information for the people running the technical
infrastructure of PPI, so we know who to contact when something is down,
or somebody needs extra access to get some task done.

The domain wiki.pp-international.net exists, but does not answer web
requests. I don't know if it has ever worked.

We have spare capacity on our server (well-connected, placed in Holland,
with good uptime), and we can easily set up a basic mediawiki
installation and do the technical maintenance (basic web serving,
storage and backup etc). Our biggest limitation is disk space, so I hope
you will not upload hundreds of gigabytes of high-resolution pirate
propaganda movies. When set up a quick change of the DNS address to our
IP will make it wiki.pp-international.net.

But if the wiki gets attacked by spammers, we may not have time to keep
it spam-free alone. So I hope some more people will stand up here and
say they want to make an active contribution to a wiki. Unless people
are willing to do an effort, there is no point in creating a wiki.

Best Regards,

Ole Husgaard.

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