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Nicolas Sahlqvist nicco77 at gmail.com
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I share your opinions on the wiki, because you will not have the "It is in a
e-mail somewhere.." problem.

2009/7/11 Mikko Särelä <msarela at cc.hut.fi>

> On Sat, 11 Jul 2009, Amelia Andersdotter wrote:
> > My analysis of the communication problem (from a Swedish perspective)
> > is: -even international coordinators can't get a good view of what is
> > happening in their national party. Too much is going on, or enough
> > structured internal communication channels inside the party don't exist.
> > Therefore, what the PPI needs is to define _what_ information the PPI
> > needs.
> May I suggest that we need a wiki. Of all the tools I have used in my
> life, the only one really successful for international coordination, has
> been wiki (well, aside from cvs like versioning system which probably
> isn't the right tool for us).
> I noticed that the international pirate party page does not contain a wiki
> link. (I also noticed that there was a mention somewhere to a wiki that
> does not respond).
> The reason why I advocate wiki is that it is a great tool for
> collaborative writing of textual database that people wish to refer to
> even far into the future. The difference to a forum is huge - in forums
> old discussions vanish to bit heaven and no one has the time to read years
> old long discussions. In wiki, the writers will need to find a common way
> of expressing mutual things and disagreements.
> The main reason why I advocate wiki, is that many people can contribute a
> little in various ways and it keeps growing and becoming better. It is
> easy to start contributing and it is a great place for both static and
> (relatively) dynamic content.
> What does the international pirate party need?
> It, firstly, needs a well written collection of documents, which have
> pointers to all the technical resources that are available to new (and
> old) pirate parties. Secondly, it needs up-to-date information about the
> successes of pirate parties. Thirdly, it needs information about various
> methods that people have tried to gain a following, proven good or proven
> disastrous.
> PPI should help everyone achieve and help us retain enough cohesion so
> that we can drive these issues together, globally. Think global, act
> global.
> In my opinion, PPI should focus on making sure each and every pirate party
> can copy each other as much as possible. We already have a common logo,
> the pirate sail. We could have a common web-layout (that people could
> modify to their needs), lots of pictures, stories, and other material that
> helps every pirate party activist in their every day political life.
> And finally, we could have people publish articles and books and encourage
> people to translate them.
> Concrete and idealistic is what I would like the PPI to show. Concrete, to
> show each and every activist that the PPI brings him benefits and concrete
> in the sense that it offers simple ways to contribute.
> As an example, I been told that the Finnish pirate party has a
> pretty well maintained server which also others can use, if they so wish.
> We will also, pretty soon, have a member database which could be useful
> for others. Many pirate parties have members who are professional web
> designers, coders, techies, people with all kinds of special knowledge.
> Some of them are willing to help in the area of their expertise.
> If we had the wiki, we could have a list of resources and people that you
> could get help from.
> So long email short: what we need is the tools to let people help each
> other.
> --
> Mikko Särelä
> "It is through exchange that difference becomes a blessing, not a
> curse", Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of Great Britain
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