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Dear Felipe,

Reding(http://ec.europa.eu/commission_barroso/reding/index_en.htm) is 
trying to put pressure on the ICANN as the representative of Europea(See 
and her report: 
Her motivation: /"The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and 
Numbers is approaching a historic point in its development. Will it 
become a fully independent organisation, accountable to the global 
internet community? Europeans would expect so, and this is what we will 
push for. I call on the United States to work together with the European 
Union to achieve this."
I think that all European pirates should therefore support Mrs Redink. 
She needs more weight to be able to form a European block. Simply 
sending a statement to the ICANN as a European pirate should have a far 
less impact than cooperating with Mrs Redink. Maybe non-european pirates 
can use the report Mrs Redink and her colleagues wrote to support their 
statement, and to help each other out.

I hope you find this information usefull. Would it be usefull to send 
this data to "DeeDee"?

Kind regards,

Robbie Hontelé

Felipe Sanches schreef:
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> Subject:        open the internet process!!
> Date:   Thu, 23 Jul 2009 07:46:00 -0400
> From:   DeeDee Halleck <dhalleck at UCSD.EDU>
> Dear friends,
> Please read the inclosed letter and take action TODAY-- it is the deadline.
> For several years I took part in the deliberations about the World
> Summit on the Information Society.  I wanted to see what other countries
> were doing in regards to community media and to help negotiate a place
> for public access within international media regulations and
> recommendations.  As part of this process I learned a bit about internet
> governance.  A civil society group was set up (agreed to by ICANN-- the
> official international internet organization) to come up with
> suggestions for democratizing internet governance.  We're not talking
> revolution here, but a few participatory gestures, slight, but important.
> To the amazement of the civil society group, these suggestions were
> completely ignored.  ICANN continues to represent only government and
> commercial interests.
> The hope that there could be civil society participation has been rudely
> dashed.  However, the group that worked to craft an alternative process
> is asking ALL THOSE WHO WORK IN NON-PROFIT MEDIA to weigh in and let
> ICANN know how important it is that civil society gets "a seat at the
> table".
> DeeDee Halleck
> Dear Dee Dee,
> I am writing with an urgent request that you please send a quick _email_
> <mailto:gnso-stakeholder-charters at icann.org> to ICANN to weigh-in
> regarding the imposition of the ICANN staff drafted charter for a
> Noncommercial Stakeholder Group (NCSG).
> Without any explanation or justification, ICANN discarded the NCSG
> charter that had been drafted by civil society in a consensus process
> and submitted to ICANN by NCUC in March - and supported by more than 80
> noncommercial organizations and individuals.
> Instead, ICANN is attempting to impose precisely the "silo" charter
> model that we said would stranglehold us and render us ineffective in
> policy development at ICANN.
> It is crucial that noncommercial organizations and individuals weigh-in
> right now and let ICANN know that the world is watching and expecting it
> to live up to its promises of bottom-up processes, accountability, and
> democracy.
> The governance structures contained within the NCSG charter will be
> extremely important for determining how effective noncommercial users
> can be in influencing policy decisions at ICANN for years to come.  So
> if there was ever an issue to weigh-in on, this is the issue - because
> it will impact /every issue noncommercial users face in the future/.
> *The ICANN Public Comment Period on the charters is open until *_*23
> July - Thursday*_* (end-of-business in California)*.
> Comments on the draft charters are submitted via email
> to _gnso-stakeholder-charters at icann.org_
> <mailto:gnso-stakeholder-charters at icann.org>.
> Thank you for considering this urgent request.  If you can find the time
> to send a quick email to ICANN before Thursday EOB, it could make a
> significant difference for noncommercial users for years to come and I
> would greatly appreciate it.
> Please let me know if you'd like to discuss this request further.
>  Thanks again!!
> All best,
> Robin
> Background on Issue with links to docs, see my article: "/Is ICANN
> Accountable to the Global Public Interest?/":
> _http://ipjustice.org/ICANN/NCSG/NCUC-ICANN-Injustices.html_
> IP Justice Statement on Stakeholder Group Charter Injustices:
> _http://forum.icann.org/lists/gnso-stakeholder-charters/msg00012.html_
> Comment from Dr. Milton Mueller (Internet Governance Project):
> _http://forum.icann.org/lists/gnso-stakeholder-charters/msg00001.html_
> Public Comments:
> _http://forum.icann.org/lists/gnso-stakeholder-charters/_
> ICANN Info on submitting comments on stakeholder group charters:
> _http://www.icann.org/en/public-comment/#stakeholder_
> Robin Gross, Executive Director
> 1192 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA  94117  USA
> p: +1-415-553-6261    f: +1-415-462-6451
> w: _http://www.ipjustice.org_ <http://www.ipjustice.org/>
>  e: _robin at ipjustice.org <mailto:robin at ipjustice.org>_
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