[pp.int.general] Swedish Pirate Party on BBC Newsnight

Andrew Norton andrew.norton at pirate-party.us
Fri Jul 24 04:38:07 CEST 2009

Glenn Kerbein wrote:
> The BBC's iPlayer is notorious. They refuse to rebroadcast their video
> content over the internet to non-UK residents. I've run into this issue
> several times personally, and have felt alienated by their lockdown on
> (subjectively important) bits of culture.

Well, thats mainly down to how the BBc is funded. There are some
commercial arms, but the TV shows on their main channels (including
Newsnight, which is one of their flagship shows, as is paxo) is funded
not through advertising, but through the TV license fee. As such the
decision to allow only UK residents to watch, and to use the bandwidth
they have to provide, is commensurate with the providers of the license
fee that makes that possible. I really, personally, don't have a problem
with this. If you really want to watch UK TV, you can either get a uk
proxy, or find a uk tv show torrent site (there's a few)

> Philip Hunt wrote:
>> BBC newsnight did a 13 minute long piece on the Swedish Pirate Party
>> last night (22-Jul-2009).
>> You can watch it at <http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/newsnight>. I'm not
>> sure if this'll work if you're outside the UK.
>> I've asked the BBC if they'll allow us to use the clip on the PPUK
>> website; not that I'm expecting any joy from them, but there's no harm
>> in asking.

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