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On Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 4:38 AM, Andrew Norton <
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> Glenn Kerbein wrote:
> > The BBC's iPlayer is notorious. They refuse to rebroadcast their video
> > content over the internet to non-UK residents. I've run into this issue
> > several times personally, and have felt alienated by their lockdown on
> > (subjectively important) bits of culture.
> Well, thats mainly down to how the BBc is funded. There are some
> commercial arms, but the TV shows on their main channels (including
> Newsnight, which is one of their flagship shows, as is paxo) is funded
> not through advertising, but through the TV license fee. As such the
> decision to allow only UK residents to watch, and to use the bandwidth
> they have to provide, is commensurate with the providers of the license
> fee that makes that possible. I really, personally, don't have a problem
> with this. If you really want to watch UK TV, you can either get a uk
> proxy, or find a uk tv show torrent site (there's a few)

IMHO the problem it's not that they refuse to give the bandwith to the
non-UK residents, but that they don't allow the non-UK residents to share
and host  the show.

The first can be seen as an economical issue ("free beer"), while the second
whould be about a control measure ("freedom of speech").
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