[pp.int.general] Some Proposals & a request for cooperation

Rodrigo Pereira rodrigo at partidopirata.org
Tue Jul 28 23:30:14 CEST 2009

Good Proposal.

The blog could have a Main column that contains the updates of participants
in many languages. My proposal is its proposal and:

 * A multilingual website, which can be written in other languages than
 * Filters by language
 * Forum's sections by country but also by "subject" or topic too.
 * Regular IRC's meetings to coordinate the project.

Probrably, we have webspace in a dreamhost service or other payed service. I
could offer help to create a drupal website with this features and help with
the content em Portuguese and Spanish and the multilingual environment.

Rodrigo Pereira
Brazilian Pirate Party - Partido Pirata

2009/7/28 Enrique Herrera Noya <quiquetux at gmail.com>

> Proposed use and design of the international pirate site, and some
> suggestions for activities
> first...
> transform the home into a system as a blog, which shows 2 or 3 news by
> continent on one side the hottest topics of the forums.
> seconds,
> also another section where it put the links in the list of countries
> where there is a pirate party
> third
> a section of statements
> the  request for cooperation
> is I need to know the access speed of the link where
> http://www.partidopirata.cl,  to provide a small space where the
> countries are organizing, and do not point to the forum and have an
> image similar to the others.
> if you need space for hosting, I can make a price for pirate   P-)
> 35 euros monthly, but first testing access speed
> Enrique Herrera Noya
> Chairman of the Pirate Party of Chile
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> "With great power comes great responsibility, not necessarily large
> salaries, that is what the nobility"
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