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Rodrigo Pereira rodrigo at partidopirata.org
Thu Jul 30 02:17:27 CEST 2009

The "Argentine Pirate Party" unfortunately is not a "group". The blog
http://partido-pirata.blogspot.com is maintained by a person outside
Argentina and this person has no interest in form any kind of group
including a political party. I am better informed about the "Argentine
Pirate Party" now. I contact via skype the person who maintains the blog and
he informed me that there are many misunderstandings. I suggest this person
to leave the name and avoid further inconveniences.

Sorry the misunderstanding.

Rodrigo Pereira.
from Brazil.

2009/7/18 Rodrigo Pereira <rodrigo at partidopirata.org>

> Hello,
> Does anyone have a server to help the Argentine Pirate Party to create its
> site?
> My name is Rodrigo and I form the Brazillian Pirate Party Collective.
> Eduardo from Argentina contact me and tell me the  situation of the
> "Argentine Pirate Party". He has a blog (
> http://partido-pirata.blogspot.com redirect from
> http://partido-pirata.com.ar) and he requested help to create a new
> website but he don't have sufficient money or tecnical skills for this. I
> have tecnical skills, I help largely the creation of the Brazilian Pirate
> Party website (http://www.partidopirata.org), but lack the server.
> Does anyone have a server to help the Argentine Pirate Party to create its
> site? A simple drupal site and a forum phpBB is enough.
> Thank you,
> --
> Rodrigo Pereira
> http://www.partidopirata.org

Rodrigo Pereira
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