[pp.int.general] Our ideology

Andrew Robinson a.robinson at pirateparty.org.uk
Fri Jul 31 15:46:17 CEST 2009

2009/7/31 Reinier Bakels <r.bakels at planet.nl>:
> tranditionally:
> left = believers in government intervention for more justice in the devision
> of power and income.
> right = believers in the free market

The policy of removing copyright for non-profit filesharing can be
interpreted as both left wing (anti-monopoly) and right wing (letting
the market set the cost of goods at a price that reflects the zero
cost of duplication). This applies to all our core policies in some
way or other, they can all be interpreted as right or left, and as
they are all tax revenue neutral they are neither 'small government'
or 'big government'.

This is a HUGE positive for the party, if handled correctly, since it
allows us to appeal to voters who cover the entire political spectrum.
If we label ourselves as left or right, we risk losing the vote of
people who label themselves as the opposite, regardless of how those
labels are interpreted or defined.

- Andrew

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