[pp.int.general] Belgian Pirate Party

Bert Van de Poel bert at bhack.net
Thu May 14 16:25:22 CEST 2009

Hi there,

I'm Bert Van de Poel, a 17 year old pirate and student living in Belgium.
I have been talking earlier to some guys @the different PP IRC channels 
and I'm considering to start up the Belgian Pirate Party properly.
The website is not a real issue as I'm a semi-professional webdesigner 
when I'm not studying (which I should do more often if I don't want tof 
ail this year) but I need more people to help me (both persons from 
inside Belgian and contacts in The Netherlands, France and Germany to 
help me with the multi-lingual stuff), hosting and a domainname.
The PP will probably get one or more seats which will probably trigger 
some extra media attention especially in Belgium because the European 
parlement is here.

So, I need to get things organised.

All suggestions, info, help, comments, question, ... are more than 
welcome ;)

Grtz and thx, Bert Van de Poel.

Bert Van de Poel
webdeveloper and administrator
bhack.net and rpgfamilie.net

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