[pp.int.general] Pirate Party from Spain.

Raquero enrique at errea.es
Thu May 14 18:37:42 CEST 2009


		Perhaps i didn't expres correctly....i was in charge of the public relations 
workgroup at the spanish pirate party since 2006 until a year ago. At this 
very moment, at present day, i am the coordinator just of the international 
spanish pirate party group. Apart from this, at Spain, and on May, 24th. is 
scheduled a popular meeting in Madrid (Just in front of the Ministy of 
Culture) to defend and raise our voices for the civil liberties, universality 
and neutrality of the internet. The spanish pirate party, among other 
organizations, is going to be present too.
		 About the Telefonica/skype issue i have read that tel€fonica is trying to 
set an agreement with micro$oft, and face skype worlwide.....and since the 
spanish perspective, specially interested in south america, for obvious 
reasons. (broad spanish talking area). It would be, under normal conditions, 
a comercial alliance but if we add "special requirements" like using 
microsoft operative system be a must to run it......it begin to look like, 
different, monopolistic and dangerous. We keep an eye on telefonica, of 
course....and riaa, sony,sgae (spanish ADAMI).


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