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Nicolas Sahlqvist nicco77 at gmail.com
Sat May 16 15:43:47 CEST 2009

Hi Jorge,

You seem to be at a good start, welcome and good luck! :)

- Nicolas

On Sat, May 16, 2009 at 1:37 AM, Jorge <jorge at pirataria.org> wrote:
> Brazilian Pirate Party
> Hi folks,
> I send you this message just to inform you about our status and introduce
> some ideas of other pirate parties.
> We realized our first official meeting ("I Pirate Insurgence") in Sao Paulo
> in March 09. There we decided our strategies and campaigns:
> Project "Odereza"
> The Project is named after the senator Azeredo (written in reverse order).
> He submitted a project of law,  which should a) allow the monitoring of the
> Internet and b) force the ISPs to save personal data and logs of Internet
> users).
> Our aim is to work collaboratively and to submit a new proposal of law that
> obliges the access of all public data (exceptions just properly justified).
> The project will promote the transparency as well as the access of all the
> content produced or owned by government, public agencies, universities,
> libraries, etc.
> "Pirate School"
> We have a group that will produce information material to be distributed to
> students and teachers. It will show the advantages of sharing for students
> and public agencies. The intention is to deconstruct the discourse of the
> Industry (The American Chamber of Commerce has a project named "Legal
> School"). : )
> Campaign and manifestation to support the lan houses/Cyber Coffees
> Here in Brazil the Cyber Coffees - there are about 90.000 (!!) - are under
> attack of the APCM ("anti-piracy linked to RIAA/MPAA).
> Pirate Blog
> We will investigate the point of view of specialists and artists that
> support our campaigns and do not wish to see the Internet under control. We
> will interview them about themes like copyright, privacy, sharing etc,
> control of Internet/network neutrality. This action will give more
> credibility to our projects and party purpose.
> We hope to maintain the contact with other pirate parties for taking
> advantage of synergy effects.
> Best regards,
> Jorge
> Brazilian Pirate Party
> www.partidopirata.org
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