[pp.int.general] RiP: A Remix Manifesto

Glenn Kerbein glenn.kerbein at pirate-party.us
Tue May 19 05:43:23 CEST 2009

Dear fellow pirates:
	A contact on an IRC channel I idle in pointed out a documentary
recently released and available for download: Brett Gaylor's RiP! A
Remix Manifeso. I figured
that since we are all in different time zones or not on IRC constantly
(myself included), I may as well share my opinion on the matter.
	The film is an intricate balance between contemporary remix culture and
how past media has been remixed. Topics of interest cover Greg Gillis,
colloquially known as Girl Talk, Cory Doctorow, and Walt Disney. Not
only does the film cover the overt ignorance towards remixers, but also
how patent law has stifled scientific research. All in all, I thought
the film was an excellent watch, but not something completely unique.
Good Copy, Bad Copy covered this topic in great detail (traveling
anywhere from Denmark, Nigeria, Baltimore, Sweden, and the UK) and Steal
This Film 2 touched on the issue. This film hits home for me: the core
principles of overt, overbroad, copyright breadth is why I am here; I
may not agree that The Pirate Bay Four should be vindicated, but I agree
(in one way or another) that the litigation surrounding copyright law
should be changed for the better.
	B-Side and EyeSteelFilm (co-producers) have the film for purchase and
download for US users only. Gaylor is using the Radiohead method of
purchase (pay what you want) and has a Screener ISO as well as a .mov of
the film to download.
	I am inclined to hold a screening myself for the film. The idea hasn't
quite solidified quite yet, though; I'm thinking I'd hold it somewhere
in Silicon Valley. What better place to show a film about "intellectual
property" than at the heart of the tech industry. If that doesn't work
out, I've already begun making a mashup of my own, incorporating
segments of aforementioned films.

Glenn "Channel6" Kerbein
Pirate Party of the United States
"Burn, Hollywood, Burn"

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