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Sun May 24 19:10:34 CEST 2009

I understand why you are asking this.

Take a look at these links:


And here a quote from a Cnet article:

"That document was provided to Steve Bellovin, a well-known Columbia
University computer scientist, Internet Engineering Steering Group member,
and Internet Engineering Task Force participant who wrote a traceback
proposal eight years ago. Bellovin says he received the ITU document as
part of a ZIP file from someone he knows and trusts, and subsequently
confirmed its authenticity through a second source. (An ITU representative
disputed its authenticity but refused to make public the Q6/17 documents,
including a ZIP file describing traceback requirements posted on the
agency's password-protected Web site."

On Sun, 24 May 2009 11:46:42 +0200, Eduardo Robles Elvira
<edulix at gmail.com>
> From the blog:
> the following is described as a problem in an earlier  leaked Q6/17
> document...
> “A political opponent to a government publishes articles that portray
> the government unfavorably. The government, witch has a law against
> all opposition, tries to identify the source of the negative articles
> but these have been published trough a proxy server. The government
> cant trace the soruce and the authors identity is protected.”
> << Where is that "earlier leaked Q6/17 document", I wonder
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