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Erika Nilsson narnigrin at gmail.com
Tue May 26 23:20:34 CEST 2009

I sort of agree about our web sites - many Pirate Party sites I've been to
are plain-looking or ugly. However, a pretty web site is hardly going to
attract any huge amounts of women; this is politics we're talking about.

One of our problems is the "people that talk about technology" issue.
Perhaps "the party that likes file sharing" isn't a very attractive slogan
to the non-techie population. :) PP isn't *just* about technology, and this
is something that we have to get across (although it's not easy. I had a
friend asking me the other day, completely seriously, whether it would be
the TPB guys who would take the seats in the EP if the Swedish PP got in).
If it became more widely known (outside of northern Europe :) that what
we're *really* worrying about is integrity issues, then I believe that more
people of both genders would happily join us, and we would be taken more

Erika Nilsson

2009/5/26 Jorge <jorge at pirataria.org>

> Looking at the statistics of the Pirat Partiet I noted that there are 7 men
> for each woman! I think that the most pirate parties have problems to
> penetrate the female electorate (ops, do not interpretate bad : ):  We are
> people that like wear black and white and talk about technology... What do
> women like? Arts, colours, love, nature... : ) Maybe we have to think about
> it in order to better communicate with the women - starting by our websites.
> Thinking about the swedish campaign - as Sweden is a country with lot of
> old aged people -, and considering the fact that the most activist are young
> men (between 16-32y, according to
> http://www.piratpartiet.se/partiet/medlemsstatistik), this is also a
> barrier. I suggest to produce street banners with a photo of an old man
> wearing a t-shirt of the Pirate Party.
> Other idea is to sign the The Earth Charter Initiative
> http://www.earthcharterinaction.org/content/ . It is document produced
> collaboratively and supported by thousends of organizations. I suggested it
> to Brazilian Pirate Party - if the most activists agree, we will be the
> first party of the country to sign the document.
> All the best,
> Jorge
> Brazilian Pirate Party
> www.partidopirata.org
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