[pp.int.general] Tips for campaigns

Ole Husgaard pirat at sparre.dk
Wed May 27 03:03:03 CEST 2009

Jorge skrev:
> Looking at the statistics of the Pirat Partiet I noted that there are
> 7 men for each woman! I think that the most pirate parties have
> problems to penetrate the female electorate (ops, do not interpretate
> bad : ):  We are people that like wear black and white and talk about
> technology... What do women like? Arts, colours, love, nature... : )
> Maybe we have to think about it in order to better communicate with
> the women - starting by our websites.

It is my impression that the gender bias comes with fast membership
growth. For the first year, we grew slowly here in Denmark, and we had
almost equal gender distribution For the last month or so we have been
growing quite fast, mostly because danish media no longer can ignore
what is happening in Sweden, and now our gender distribution has become
almost as biased as in the swedish pirate party.

It looks to me like men are really quick to become members in a
political party, while women take more time to investigate before they
become members. I have seen many examples of women asking questions and
doing background research on the party for weeks or months before
finally becoming members, and this is more unusual with men. But women
that have become members also tend to be more active in the party than
the average male party member.

That female members tend to be more active is probably the reason that 8
out of the 20 pirate candidates on the swedish ballot are female. In
Sweden there are no rules about equal gender representation on ballots,
and I think the candidates were chosen as the best qualified without
looking at their gender.

Best Regards,

Ole Husgaard.

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