[pp.int.general] A Swedish Rights Management organizationnow accepts some CC licences

rms rms at gnu.org
Fri May 29 06:40:16 CEST 2009

    Proponents of 
    free software and information may not immediately sympathise with people 
    outright refusing copyright licences, but there are (other) examples when 
    thgis makes sense: e.g. a nartist may not like that his works are used in an 
    advertisement campaign, for whatever unsympathetic firm (Microsoft again?) 

I do sympathize.  I am not against the NC licenses for art.

What I am saying is that the collecting societies should ALSO let
their members publish works under licenses which do permit commercial

There are some situations where they can even give out money for use
of these works.  For instance, suppose a store pays a flat rate for
playing the radio all day.  Suppose one of the songs on the radio was
released under a license permitting commercial use.  The collecting
society can, and should, pay the composer and musicians of that song
for that use in the usual way, because it got money to cover that use.

Of course, when the work is released under a license that allows
commercial use, sometimes it will be used without paying the
collecting society.  When that happens, the collecting society won't
pay the artists either.  Everyone will understand that.

So I see no problem or conflict that would prevent collecting
societies from permitting this.

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