[pp.int.general] Translation of the Pirate Manifesto

Reinier Bakels r.bakels at planet.nl
Tue Nov 10 16:28:22 CET 2009

> then I discovered that the *real* PP leadership (falckvinge, Engström) was 
> *totally* unintested in this "manifesto-mania". >> And they are right! 
> Absolutely right!
> Falckvinge and Engström are leaders of the Swedish PP only, AFAIK.
> Perhaps the don't have a formal say. But I like their down to earth, 
> practical approach.
> So you agree with me that they are only the leaders of the Swedish PP, 
> adding that you personally like them? Because,
> you know, it's a good thing they got elected in the european parliament, I 
> really think it's a very good think, but AFAIK no > italian, british, 
> french, spanish or german voted for the Swedish PP. They, therefore, are 
> not the " *real* PP leadership"
> but in in their country.

Calm down! You talk about formalities. Leadership is by and large informal. 
The Swedes originated the PP movement, and they were the most successful 
until now. So I am inclined to attach some importance to their position. But 
you are free to foster a different opinion.


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