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We need to create consictent article in ENG for everyone to translate. Its
hard to get merit of the case.


2009/10/9 Rick Falkvinge (Piratpartiet) <rick at piratpartiet.se>

> coretx wrote:
> > We in NL, are working on this !
> You respond to a different question. I did not say "you need to help The
> Pirate Bay". I did not say "you need to use grassroots activism".
> I said "you need to use this enormous media cue to profile YOURSELVES in
> MAINSTREAM MEDIA". Send press releases everywhere, with quotes,
> commenting on the story. Be the news source and provide plenty of quotes.
> I see a lot of people here acting like they don't WANT their own pirate
> party to become nationally known. Events like this require immediate
> action towards the press. Publishing a story on one's own page does not
> count.
> It is imperative that oldmedia (press, TV, radio) in every country
> associates these kinds of issues (due process of law, copyright fraud
> events, etc.) with the local PP representatives and call and ask for
> comments. PPSE is there since 2006. I believe PPDE has gotten there. In
> order to get there, you need to see these catalyzing events for what
> they are, and BE THE NEWS SOURCE for THE OLDMEDIA.
> That does SPECIFICALLY NOT include publishing stories on your own web
> page. It does, however, include sending a press release to all relevant
> oldmedia (national TV, national radio, press, everything with broad
> coverage and specialized technology coverage) as soon as one hears of
> the event. In PPSE, we've trimmed the response time to about 30 minutes.
> When the Pirate Bay was raided on May 31, 2006, our response time was
> about one hour. Everybody else needs to do as good in order to be the
> FIRST with comments to media.
> If the story has already broken, it's too late to provide comments. The
> reporters are busy writing other stories then.
> precondition for success. Oldmedia must know they can rely on you as a
> newsfeed in this field, and that you can always provide meaningful
> comments. Big events like these are key to getting to that position.
> Rick
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