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Do you know of the "Center for the Study of the Public Domain" at Duke University (prof. James Boyle).
Seen this? http://www.law.duke.edu/cspd/comics/
These people were "prates"long before the PP started.
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  There are currently 4 volunteers of the US Pirate Party travelling the country in a beat up Buick trying to rally up support for the US Pirate Party (and finding the desperately needed volunteers).  We have been hopping from city to city for a while talking to people on the streets, at university campuses, land trusts, and just about anywhere else that we think might be a good place.

  I'm interested to hear if anyone on here has any suggestions of places to go and events to attend that might be good 'hits' for us.  Have any of the other parties done this kind of work before?  How did it go, in the end?

  Ryan Martin
  United States Pirate Party


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