[pp.int.general] Help The Pirate Party By Playing Games

Nuno Cardoso nuno.cardoso at partidopiratapt.eu
Fri Aug 13 23:56:01 CEST 2010

 You could also try eRepublik (http://www.erepublik.com)
It has 351694 active users as I write this (much more than 40k [?] )
distributed by some 60 countries already represented.
There is pretty good political system and news media that can be tapped.

On 25-07-2010 21:12, Travis McCrea wrote:

Hello Pirates,
The United States and Canadian Pirate Parties are encouraging members
starting 12:00PM Monday (PST -8 GMT) to join the game "Cyber Nations" as to
join our in-game alliance "Pirate Party", as a new recruitment tool.
Countless members of this game have already been introduced to the Pirate
Party, and have decided from that to join their nations Pirate Party... the
reason its easy to educate these players is because the people who play this
game are our target demographic: 17-25, Tech Savvy, and Political Minded.
Cyber Nations has roughly 40,000 members playing right now (and to play you
have to interact with your nation at least once every 20 days, so thats 40K
people who have log in every 20 days (at least) ritually. They also are very
active in the Cyber Nations community, which is a simulation world (We have
a club called "Model UN" in the United States, if you have heard of it, its
kinda like that) which is constantly going.  The people who play Cyber
Nations are also not just Americans, they are from all over the world, they
even have a few regional and language based alliance, from Wikipedia  "There
are language based alliances such as FOK!, who are almost all Dutch and
website based alliances such as Fark, and there are also nationality based
alliances such as Nusantara Elite Warriors (Indonesia) and BAPS (Ireland)".

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