[pp.int.general] Presentation of Partit Pirata de Catalunya

Kenneth Peiruza kenneth at contralaguerra.org
Fri Aug 13 18:46:44 CEST 2010

Hi all,

    This mail is the official introduction for "/Partit Pirata de
Catalunya"/, with our HQ in Barcelona, the newest member of the Pirate
Parties family :D Our  website is http://pirata.cat (localization pending)

    We are going to run for the Catalan Parliament election next
October/November (date is still unknown). We started organizing the
newest member of the family just two days ago (friday 11th) with the
registration of the organization as a political party under Spanish law.

    Two days ago, we were thirteen members, today we are more than 40,
so, this is growing fast!!! The people that we have already contacted
are quite excited about our foundation and are strongly supporting us.
The feedback we have so for gotten is really positive, we feel happy as
a clam!!

    Of course, we share all the common principles of the parties
belonging to PPI. We also have direct democracy as one of our goals, as
many other Pirates do as well.

    In order to help other pirate parties, we are going to keep a blog
so we would be able to share our experiences in running for office with
other pirates overseas :D Let's name it "Running a low-budget
highly-efficient pirate campaign HOWTO", we'll keep you updated regularly.

    We know there are some issues for accepting us as a full right
member in PPI, however, we want to formally establish relations with the
PPI, at least as an observer until all the details are sorted out.

Visca Pirata!!!!!!


David Arcos
Elias D. Molins
Raquel Ibañez
Francisco Lloret
Francesc Parellada
Pol Jané
Xavier Vila
Gemma  Goldstein
Ferran Fontcuberta
Kenneth Peiruza
and many others not in front of this computer right now!
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