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Hi all,

Brazil have a law running on national congress that proposes an obligatory identification in blogs and blogs comments and forum-related websites. The law proposes the end of anonimous content in blog and related websites. The law also proposes a obligatory moderation of comments submitted in blogs and the responsability of the blogger if they do not do moderation. This will do through identification by ID numbers (Identity number and CPF number, this last an national register like social security number in USA). And the obligatory of an identification on brazilian domain names authority registro.br that who can mantain a blog or related website.

The law proposes a penality about R$ 2000 to R$ 10000 (the minimum legal salary in Brazil is about R$ 500) for "honor criminals" that writes against a powerfull (and also rich) person with conditions to run a judiciary process.

More information on:


Information about the project on Brazilian chamber of deputies:


Rodrigo Pereira

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Dear Cristian,

It would help if you published the background of this story along with
your letter online. Even publishing it in Romanian would help, since
it means we can spread the links further on Twitter.

I think I read something brief about this in the EDRi-gram a while
ago, but for PPI it seems more urgent to make a comment on the massive
increase in filtering and blocking proposals lately. In the last issue
of EDRi-gram they had a long article about blocking of gambling sites

Romanian situation is more like the Estonian a while ago, and the
Italian presently. Do we have Italians and Estonians on the list who
could help with blog commenting filters information?


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