[pp.int.general] Tomas Pogge in Argentina and the war between Clarin Group and the government

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Mon Aug 30 17:24:10 CEST 2010

The government sent a project to declare the newprint as public
interest, so companie have to sell the product for those who require
it...And is undertaking a process they claim that the sale of the
company (Papel Prensa) was illegal.

The state hava a part of Papel Prensa, in 1976. in 1976 the majority
shareholder sold his shares to Clarin and La Nacion, and the Federal
State was a minority partner...Today it is still a minority
partner..but if justice accepts the process may cancel the sale to
Clarin and La Nacion.

I don´t know what the truth is...We are in the war between Clarín
Group and the government and the truth is the first casualty in war...

If you read , watch TV, or listening to the radio specially the Clarin
Group´s tv, newspaper and radio everything is the fault of the
government, rain or hot weather, if there is an accident, everything
is the fault of the government..

Then for many, us included, everything is in doubt, do not believe anyone.

Fibertel belonged to a company that had bought the Clarin group, at
the time the government authorized the sale (the husband's previous
government of current President Cristina Kirchner, Nestor)...

Clarín closed the company that owns Fibertel (Cablevision) and left
Fibertel as a company with just a fancy name....

The government could have pursued a Fibertel fine as it was not
operating legally under Argentine accounting standards ....

But he decided to close ..

There are other ISPs in the country, the most important Telefónica (of
Telefónica de España).

The war between the trumpet and the government began in 2008 when
Clarin supported rural producers were against a rise in taxes.

Clarin has interests in rural production ... But the rural production
in Argentina is terrible, we are the 3rd. GM-producing country in the
world, only behind the United States and Brazil ... So Monsanto is
present strongly in the country.

The government did not want to change agricultural policy, but to
charge more taxes and Clarín defending their own interests in the
transgenic model....

Then the government sent a media law which limits the performance of
multimedia groups in the country to avoid monopolies ..

The law is not bad, but again we are in a "war" ..

The law was passed and Clarin will have to sell part of its assets,
especially television stations and radios.

What you read in the international press will be in favor of Grupo
Clarin but no one is as "clean" in this .... let's say there is no
good side and bad side

both are bad...

Sorry for my English (as was with the help of Google ...)


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