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Sat Aug 28 17:24:55 CEST 2010

a truly distributed network infrastructure... I'm not competent enough
to understand it all, but I would love to contribute in any way if I


During the days, the baloon project has got people to engage in all
sorts of activities. Everything from economics, technology to services
and media. Alot of people has taken contact with me personally and
also this list has been subject to alot of brainstorming. All which is
the essence of the "pirate party movement". Open discussions of how to
change the society to the better. This is not done be one person,
neither from a single project, but rather from the combined effort of

The biggest problem for me personally now, is to figure out how to
organize the efforts that people are willing to provide. This is a
MAJOR problem. Probably far more difficult than actually launch the
vessel regardless of shape.

This is also a Pirate Party general problem - on an international
scale. How do we organize a body, that in essence seek "distribution"
and "headlessness" ? It is a question and problem that almost every
"grass-root organisation" has failed in implementing. The worker
unions formed in the 1960 in Chile looked very much like our
organization in the beginning (According to Noam Chomsky in his book
"Understanding Power"). It was easily destroyed by killing or
disposing of the union leaders. It was mainly because the organization
was still a "top-down" organization and thus could be destroyed by
killing its head. However, the Pirate Party movement needs to start
acting organized in some way or the other - or it will fail. I don't
like that to happen for the sake of my kids.

My thoughts are on how do we create a well organized organism, capable
of doing serious projects and still work as distributed as possible?
This is difficult. I will try to understand this in my very personal
project, on a personal scale where I know I can succeed even without
it. I think that you all should think about this aswell and start

This list is roamed by some of the biggest thinkers and doers of our
time. Richard Stallman, Richard Falkvinge and many more people with
super heavy knowledge in stuff most people dream about mastering.
However, there is nothing special about them as such. I'm sure that
RMS didn't plan to create the most significant compiler (gcc) on the
planet when he started out. It was a probably small personal thing,
that grew because it was useful to more than himself. It was small in
the beginning and it grew. Now, its iconic.

I need all help I can get. I will not tell you what to do. But I
expect you to do.

The baloon project will fly.

I'm off course very inspired of the current events. Hence the very
bald post. I hope it will lead somewhere.

On Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 3:48 PM, B0rg <b0rg at ib0rg.net> wrote:
> I mostly agree with what you said.
> The idea of putting a server somewhere where it cannot be touched sounds
> more like a publicity stunt than anything which could actually work in a
> technical sense. The server must always be connected and that connection
> uses an already existing infrastructure. Disconnecting a server in that
> situation would just be a question of controlling the infrastructure it
> connects through.
> Also, if the server is outside of any national law, well, let's just say
> accidents can happen very easily.
> I believe we are aiming at the wrong target as the source of this problem=
> It's impossible to be on the internet right now without falling under
> control of a bunch of entities, from ISP's, AS's up to governments.
> At the political level we are fighting to keep the internet as free as
> possible. This is done at the level of governments.
> What this ideas of sending servers to where they can't touch them try to
> accomplish is to do the same at the technical level. Put technological
> measures in place to assure that the internet is actual as free as possib=
> so that, even with oppressive laws, it will be very hard to control it.
> Darknets, encryption, p2p protocols are all technical means to achieve th=
> But they all have to work on top of the lower layers which compose the
> internet. Cables and routers are owned. Everything is dependent on DNS ha=
> you mentioned. Basically, the internet is not a p2p entity as people seem=
> think. Or at least there are a very small number of actual peers composin=
> it.
> So what do I think are some plausible solutions for this problem? How do =
> turn internet into a more distributed system? An actual p2p DNS would be
> great. Supporting the many open wireless communities appearing all over t=
> place should also be a priority. Aiming at creating alternative
> infrastructures for the internet. Distributed infrastructures. Of course =
> hobbyist wireless mesh cannot compete with fiber network of an ISP but it=
s a
> start and it provides more freedom.
> In my opinion these are the type of technical solutions we should be
> pursuing. Anything which can be done to actually compete with the backbon=
> of the internet or to making it more distributed.
> I don't know much about them but the PirateISP: http://pirateisp.net/ in
> swedden seems to be a step in the right direction to. If there where fund=
> to invest this is in line with what I would support. Building new
> infrastructures.
> Just my 2 cents
> Cumps
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