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Tue Jun 1 01:22:12 CEST 2010

Here we posted an interview with Gilberto Gil:


Ex Minister of Culture and musician, he sponsored Launches cd, and he said:

My concern is that the songs reach the consumer, they are hearsay, not
that they are sold.

Does the artist's output for patronage, is it?

Yes, a sponsorship that can come from the state or to the public.
Several groups did that. There is one of Australia launched a funding
bill for your hard fans. They raised U $ S 2 million, spent $ 500 000
in production and were paid U.S. $ 1.5 million left over. What is
definite is that this issue of the disc store cobrirá the cost of a
whole chain led by the recorder, this model no longer exists. Those
who are going to get experience.

Is a "gooogle translate" may be anyone can translate better...But the
idea I think is to look for another way to record cds.


Partido Pirata Argentino

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