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Aleksandar Blagojevic piratska.partija.srbije at gmail.com
Tue Jun 1 01:38:10 CEST 2010

Hello coretx,

here are some of my points:

5. intellectual achievement have no monetary value [at some point every bit
of knowledge is based on hard thinking and empirical tryouts, no man can have
the right to hold that bits of reality]

4. not to allow using/sharing any of "protected" intelectual achievements is as equal as to obstruct basic human communication.

3. one by having that so called "copyrighted material" is not necessarally a criminal

5. sharing and taking any of intelectual achievements is more closely connected to communication than with illecal activity...

and the last but not least important

1. dynamic relity is the basic ground of pirate idea. there is no strict parttern, there is no common or universal rule how to
make idea nor intelectual achievement. you can not define or specify creative process. you can not own the creative process
hense you can not own the brainchilds of it.

my humble thoughts after hard work all day.

Monday, May 31, 2010, 11:26:28 PM, you wrote:

coretx> Next Thursday we're having a debate versus a "jurist" (in 't engels) about
coretx> why copyright-protected work should be free for non-commercial use. We'll
coretx> be going head to head, and we'll be getting 24-second turns to make 10
coretx> arguments each for why this is.

coretx> We figured let's crowdsource this a little. What are the best arguments
coretx> you've heard to prove our point as Pirate Parties about why
coretx> copyright-protected works should be free for non-commercial use?

coretx> Help us win our seat in Dutch parliament for the June 9 elections!!

coretx> Don't debate, just push your one or two liners !

coretx> Cheers,

coretx> Samir Allioui ( #1 candidate ) & Bas Grasmaayer ( Communications manager. )

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Best regards,

Aleksandar Blagojevic
Leader of Serbian Pirate Party and board member of PPI

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