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Thu Jun 3 08:18:10 CEST 2010


I guess some of you have read about the written declaration number 29 that
is a extension of the Data retention directive, i.e. letting EU inspect all
your search engine searches in order to find people searching for childporn
on the net. There are several obvious issues besides the freedom of speech
so I wrote a blog a few days back about this:


Also a lot of Swedish blogs were written and people started researching and
it turned out that the data retention directive was mentioned by number only
rather then explicitly telling them what it was about so 2 Swedish MEP's
withdrew there signatures and this post has some ideas how we could convince
the rest of the MEP's to do the same:


The Swedish Pirateparty MEP Christian Engström have also written about this:


I just read a e-mail a activist written to a Swedish MEP who motivates his
signature by saying that we have to offer our privacy to stop the abuse of
the children (ever heard that one before? First it was terrorism, security
and now our children, a new low!) and the activist writes:

"We will do our best to fight child porn, but not by chasing mosquito's with
nuclear bombs."

I urge you in Europe to contact your MEP's and for the rest keep your eyes
open for similar ideas coming to the surface because it is just a matter of

- Nicolas
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