[pp.int.general] Parteiprogram X Principrogram

Rodrigo Pereira rodripe at gmail.com
Thu Jun 3 06:08:06 CEST 2010

English subtitles for this video should be very useful:


This is the patent of wheel:

2010/5/31 Rodrigo Pereira <rodripe at gmail.com>

> I Like to know the difference between parteiprogram and principrogram. My
> debt is if it does determine the goal of the pirate party. Because I think
> that a party guided by principles has a different goal of the party led by a
> program of topics. I read about the strategy of the balance of power and do
> not understand how it can be applied when there is a fluid program that
> competes directly with the ideology of the traditional parties.
> thank you.
> Rodrigo.
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