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Hello Pirates,

Some weeks ago the Pirate Parties International was founded in Brussels with
the aim to help the Pirate Parties all over the world. The PPI can become an
important tool to promote your Pirate Party. However to accomplish that
objective, we need your help!

We have set up several task forces, each with its own objective. You will
find a list of the task forces and a summary of their aims at the end of
this mail and on https://www.mypirates.net/ppi_network. More information can
also be found on the PPI wiki pages on http://int.piratenpartei.de/Main_Page

We use a connection of MyPirates and the PPI wiki for working in the task
forces. The wiki pages are used for presenting the results of the task
forces while the actual work is done on the different MyPirates pages.

The advantage of using MyPirates over mailing lists, forums and wikis is
that the platform allows everyone to participate (no need to be manually
added to a mailinglist), allows for different forms of user created content
(discussions, wiki pages, polls, surveys etc.) and is public and transparent
(no need to google for mailinglist archives, no hidden PiratePads etc.).

We would like you to forward this mail to your local communication channels
and promote the task forces. Only with the help of the Pirates from all over
the world we can take the international cooperation to the next level!


the Board of the PPI

List of the taskforces:

*IT/Website task force*
*Contact person:* Aleksandar
Main goal of tech taskforce is coordinate and distribute work in order to
maintain and keep all international pirate websites up and running. Existing
pirate framework is more than sufficient at this point of time, so very next
goal is to encourage pirates to use them, produce and share information.

WikiPage: http://int.piratenpartei.de/IT/Website_taskforce
MyPirates: https://www.mypirates.net/ppi_tf_it

*Conference and event planning task force*
*Contact person:* Jerry/Gregory
The objective of the conference and event planning taskforce is to plan the
next PPI conference and other PPI events. The first questions to discuss
will be the "when" and "where" of the next PPI conference, followed by the
actual planning with the help of the host Pirate Party.

Wiki page: http://int.piratenpartei.de/Conference_taskforce
MyPirates: https://www.mypirates.net/ppi_tf_conf

*"New parties" task force*
*Contact person: Gregory*
The objective of the "new parties" task force is to give aid and help
emerging new pirate parties. This includes consulting on organizational
structures, information technology, press  relation and activism. One of the
first goals is to create a "toolbox" for starting a pirate party. The next
step would be to reach out and found new parties where one is missing.

Wiki Page: http://int.piratenpartei.de/%22New_parties%22_taskforce
MyPirates: https://www.mypirates.net/ppi_tf_new

*Translation team/text production task force*
*Contact person: Jerry*
The aim of the translation team/text production taskforce is to write,
translate or update texts for the PPI and/or national parties. The
objectives are among others to keep the Wiki's up to date, to translate or
write press releases so they can be used by every Pirate Party, to write
texts for the PPI website etc.

Wiki page:
MyPirates: https://www.mypirates.net/ppi_tf_translation

*Legal task force*
*Contact person: Jerry/Jakub*
The legal taskforce will be concerned with internal legal matters of the PPI
(PPI Headquarters, PPI statutes amendments) and try to set up a team of
legal advisors aimed at helping new parties and/or developping FAQs (f.ex.
concerning copyright).

Wiki page: *http://int.piratenpartei.de/Legal_taskforce*<http://int.piratenpartei.de/Legal_taskforce>
MyPirates: https://www.mypirates.net/ppi_tf_legal

*ACTA Task force*
*Contact person: Joachim*
The task force aims at taking action against the  'Anti-Counterfeiting Trade
Agreement' (ACTA) that is planned to go into effect in 2010 due to it's
nature (DMCA lookalike) and secret nature due to lack of transparency as we
describe in our ACTA statement
ACTA) <http://int.piratenpartei.de/ACTA%29>.

Wiki page: *http://int.piratenpartei.de/*<http://int.piratenpartei.de/ACTA_Taskforce>
ACTA_Taskforce <http://int.piratenpartei.de/ACTA_Taskforce>
MyPirates:  https://www.mypirates.net/ppi_tf_acta

*Censor task force*
*Contact person: Nicolas*
The censor task force will track down any way for entities that try to
control the Net by censoring it, we will track them down and expose their
agenda and work for a future where free speech is truly free around the

Wiki page: http://int.piratenpartei.de/Censor_taskforce
MyPirates: https://www.mypirates.net/ppi_tf_censor

*Pirate Party of Europe Task Force*
*Contact person:* Gregory

This task force has the aim of preparing the foundation of the European
Pirate Party. This includes the legal side - like compiling / updating the
requirement list for european party eligibility, and the creation and
coordination of a roadmap to fulfill those criteria, including coordinating
a plan for participating in European Parliament elections accross the
European Pirate Parties.

WikiPage: http://int.piratenpartei.de/Pirate_Party_Europe_task_force
MyPirates: https://www.mypirates.net/ppi_tf_ppeu
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