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Steffen Ortmann steffen.ortmann at piraten-thueringen.de
Sun Jun 6 18:16:48 CEST 2010


2010/6/5 Maël Brunet <maelbrunet at gmail.com>:
> afaik Europolit isn't focused on pirate issues.

We can try to shift their focus a little bit :-)

Also, if I understand it
> well, it will just aggregate material from other websites/blogs centered on
> european politics (not unlike the very good bloggingportal.eu).

I got in touch with the guys directly. Unfortunately the conversation is
in German (they are based in Germany) so you have to put up with
my humble translation.

I cited Amelia:

2010/5/28 Amelia Andersdotter <teirdes at gmail.com>:
> We have two MEPs in the European parliament (well, almost, since about
> 2% of the European population are getting fucked over by the Council
> of Ministers in getting represented the way they have the democratic
> right to since December 1st), and Pirate parties all over Europe that
> have run very successful election campaigns in the past year.
> With European policies on internal market blabla already being very
> integrated, perhaps this site should be used already for collecting
> data about law and current affairs in the member states and the
> European parliament? I think it is also helpful for (me) if there is a
> way of creating standpoints on European policies that benefit all
> member states instead of the one I know the best (which would be
> Sweden).
> Sincerely,
> Amelia

And this was their reply:

"So you basically had a very similar idea to us. Our goal is to inform
people what actually happens in the EU. We have the feeling that
decisions are always communicated very late by the media, and it is
therefore difficult to influence the actual legislative process. We also
believe that Europe in general does not get enough attention which
might be due to the complexity of this matter."

More info on what they want to do can be found here:

In my opinion it is definitely a project to keep an eye on.

Steffen Ortmann
Chief of social network and media team PPI

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