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I have translated this info and put it on the site of Bulgarian Pirate
Party ( http://piratskapartia.bg/content.php?127-%C7%ED%E0%EA%EE%E2%E0-%E0%F2%E0%EA%E0-%F1%F0%E5%F9%F3-torrents.ru

I have put the link to the petition too.

I wish luck to Russian pirates!

Angel Todorov

P.S. The site is new and we are on the pipe line to put the new Pirate
design on :)

On Sun, Feb 21, 2010 at 6:48 PM, Boris Turovskiy <tourovski at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 21.02.2010 09:42, Nicolas Sahlqvist wrote:
> Interesting, but the 2nd link to a article was unreachable and why are
> your clickable links linking to vkontakte.ru while that is not the URL I
> read in your e-mail?
> There seemed to be some mix-up with the URLs, I'm presenting a corrected
> version below.
> i however managed to sign the petition! ;)
> Thanks:)
> 18 of February - Torrents.ru, Russia's largest torrent tracker, has had its
> domain suspended by the domain registrar. The tracker moved to rutracker.org
> 18 of February, evening - Creation of a petition addressed to president
> Medvedev and premier Putin to stop the unlawful process of the domain's
> suspension (http://girus.ru/petition/33/) [1]
> 19 of February, morning - The launch of a support community of torrents.ru
> 19 of February, 14:30-15:30 rutracker.org was down, officially for technical
> reasons
> 19 of February, daytime - Media spreads information about the petition
> (http://www.nr2.ru/policy/271102.html)
> 19 of February, 16:00- Publication of the official reason of the closure
> (http://bfm.ru/news/2010/02/19/skp-zakryl-torrents-ru-byl-zakryt-iz-za-moskvicha-pirata.html)
> 19 of February, 17:00 - When you visit 1С web-site it says "Service
> Temporarily Unavailable".
> 19 of February, 17:00-19:00 -  1С.ru and ekinot.ru don't work thanks to
> torrents.ru users' and supporters' DDoS attack.
> 19 of February, daytime - rutracker.org is on and off all the day, most
> probably because of the sheer number of users trying to access the site
> Useful information: 1c.ru is the website of a large software house that
> often complained about their works being pirated, and ekinot.ru is an
> "internet movie library". Both came up as candidates to have tipped off and
> leaned on the prosecutor's office to enforce a closure of torrents.ru
> [1] As of today, over 11000 people have signed the petition, among them
> schoolteachers, programmers, artists and just about any other profession
> imaginable
> Best regards,
> Boris
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